One of the main activities of our company is ship agency at all Bulgarian Black Sea ports for vessels of various types and sizes - passenger vessels, cargo vessels, as well as for vessels being under repair or vessels with another reason of stay.

Klimarin Ltd. offers all kinds of services related to the stay of vessels and their crews in the water areas of the ports of Varna, Balchik and Burgas, like:
- Arranging berth, repair at pier or in a dock, pilotage and towage services;
- Supplying vessels with provisions and fuel; disposal of solid waste and oily water, etc.
- Preparing all required documents;
- Arranging and carrying out crew changes; providing visa services and transfers;
- Daily liaison with the vessel’s crew and the local authorities.

Our professionalism and the quality of all services we provide, our loyalty and dedication to work guarantee to operators smooth stay and quick departure of their vessels. Based on the experience we have gained, we are able to provide any useful information and assist in the settlement of any complication which can occur.

We have established excellent relations with the local port and border control authorities that service vessel’s arrival, stay and departure.

Our long experience guarantee to shipowners smooth stay of their vessels and qualitative services.

Our services are available 24/7. For more information contact our agency department on (+359 885) 123744